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The Federal College of Education (FCE) Kontagora is located in Niger State geo-political zone of Nigeria. The college was established in September, 1978 as federal Advanced Teacher College (FATC) during the military Administration of General Olusegun Obasnjo, (GCFR). This follows the recommendation of Sir. Eric Ashby report of 1970 and subsequent promulgation of principal act cited as federal College of Education decree no. 4 of 1986 and as amended in decree no. 6 of 1993.

The college, which was initially affiliated to the university of Ilorin became an autonomous institution as from 1987 under the supervision of National Commission for College of Education (NCCE). The federal college of Education, kontagora, among others is purposely established to prepare teacher at the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) level and to run other related programmes.


The college took off under the able leadership of the founding principal, Mr. O. O. Uguru at the temporary site in 1978. Academic activities were carried out from different rented and borrowed building widely scattered in town. During the early stage, staff and students were accommodated in different locations in town. Mr. Uguru handed over to Dr. S. K. Afolabi who was appointed Acting principal of the college in October 1981. He served as an acting principal till December, 1982.

Mr. M. A. Uppal (an Indian expatriate) assumed office on 1st January , 1983. He was later replaced by Dr. S.A. Abdulrahman in 1985. In 1987, Alhaji S.U. Dalhatu became provost of the college and served for six years.

Dr. Elisha G. Kutara replaced Alhaji Shehu Dalhatu as provost of the college on 8th March 1993 who was redeployed to Federal college of Education, Zaria. Dr. A. M. Tura was appointed sole Administrator for college on 1st August 1996 as a result of the crisis that engulfed the college which led to the setting up an Adminstrative panel by the Federal Ministry of Education.

On 1st December 1998, Dr. Emmanuel I. Makoju took over the leadership of the college and served as the provost for two terms (1998-2006), In October 2006, Alhaji Sheshi T. Sidi, was appointed Acting provost and served in that capacity for three years. Dr. Nathaniel O. Odediran was appointed as the provost of the college on the 19th January 2010. After a successful first tenure, he was reappointed to serve for another term of four years by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR). His tenure came to an end on the 17th January 2018.

Alhaji Jibrin Garba Danwake was appointed to act as the provost of the college for three months

Prof. Faruk Rashid Haruna, the current provost of the college was appointed by the Federal Goverment of Nigeria on the 10th of April 2018.

The college offers several courses leading to the award of Nigeria certificate in Education, Certificate, Diploma and Degree.



Today, the 23rd April, 2024, affords staff and students of the Federal College of Education Kontagora an opportunity to celebrate their Provost, Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, as he marks the sixth anniversary of his tenure as the substantive Provost of the College. It is an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable journey of transformative leadership marked by unprecedented progress and dedication which the College had never witnessed in the annals of her history, before his assumptions of office. In the last six years, under the visionary guidance of Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, the Federal College of Education, Kontagora, has witnessed monumental achievements in both physical and infrastructural development, staff and students' welfare, and academic excellence. While we are able to record some of the achievements, it may not be possible to cover all, because they are too numerous. They include the following: 1 Academic Achievements During this period, Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna records: * 100 percent success in accreditation exercise for undergraduate and NCE programmes; * equipped laboratories with reagents, chemicals and modern electronic equipment; * Digitalisation of the Library as well as opening access to large volume of e-books, e-journals and periodicals; ii. Establishment of Management Information System (MIS) iii. Establishment of Directorate of Distance learning iv. Establishment of Partnership and Linkages 2 Expansion of Physical Infrastructure such as: i. Construction of one storey office complex each for the school of Secondary Education (Art and Social Science programmes), General Education and School of Secondary Education (Science Programmes) with furniture. ii. Construction of 250 capacity Lectures theatre each for the School of Secondary Education (Science and Language programmes) with furniture. iii. Construction of 46 seater ICT Complex with equipment and furniture. iv. Construction of model office for Business Education department. v. Construction of the College 1,500 Metres perimeter fence. vi. Construction of modern VIP toilets in the academic area and female hostels. vi. Renovation and furnishing of old administrative block and Council Chamber. vii. Renovation/ Remodelling of Chief Lecturers' offices. viii. Procurement of 15 seater Toyota bus. vii. Procurement of two vehicles attached to the Registrar and the Bursar's office. 3 Other Projects * Construction of 1000 capacity multi-purpose event centre. * Construction of ultra- modern College Library. * Procurement of one ambulance as well as expansion of College Clinic and furniture. * Construction of new office complex for the School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education. * Construction of 1000 capacity ICT and e- learning. * Fencing and renovation of female hostels. * Construction of a storey building male hostel. * Provisions of 240 Solar street lights in the academic area. * Reconstruction of internal road with asphalt. * Renovation of Schools of Secondary Education (Art and Social Science, Languages, Science) and the School of Education. 4) Students' Welfare Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna has been able to: Procure 300 double bunk beds for students. * Complete and totally renovate the students' hostels (female and male) * Drill two motorized boreholes * Install one hundred solar street lights in the hostels * Procure sports equipment to enhance recreation and competitive sports. * Procure various teaching and learning laboratory equipment. 5 Staff Welfare and Development Through the support of the Provost, there has been great improvement in the welfare of staff in the following areas: * Quick release of Tetfund academic staff training, conference attendance, institutional-based research and teaching practice intervention grants to the College * Provision of conducive office accommodation with furniture for staff. * Ensuring promotion of staff as and when due. * Sustenance of staff commitment and dedication to duty. * Resolving, amicably, the over six-year lingering industrial disputes on conversation/change of cadre of academic instructors. As we commemorate this significant milestone, we acknowledge the Provost's unwavering dedication, strategic vision and relentless pursuit of excellence in transforming the Federal College of Education, Kontagora into a hub of academic excellence with imposing edifices. As we look forward to a future filled with promise and potential, we celebrate the Provost's enduring legacy and the profound impact of his transformative innitiatives in the College and the broader educational landscape. Mr Andrew Ibrahim Director Information and Protocol

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Posted at March 9, 2023, 11:04 am

Provost FCE, Kontagora Bags KIDC's Award of 'Grand Commander of Intellectual Discourse'

The Provost of the Federal College of Education, Kontagora, Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna has been awarded by the Kontagora Intellectual Discourse Committee (KIDC) for his immense contribution to the development and growth of the academia in the country, particularly in the Federal College of Education Kontagora, Niger State.

Presenting the award entitled The Grand Commander of Intellectual Discourse (GCID) of FCE Kontagora, 2020-2022 to the provost in his office was the delegation of the KIDC, led by its chairman, Dr Tokunbo M. Yekini and the secretary, Hajia Hauwau T. Yusuf on Thursday, 1 December, 2022.

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The provost, Federal College of Education, Kontagora, Professor Faruk Rashid has been honoured by the Kontagora Intellectual Discourse Committee.

The Kontagora Intellectual Discourse Committee (KIDC), led by the chairman, Dr. Yekini Tokunbo Mouhammed, and Hajia Hauwa'u Talatu Yusuf, Secretary, KIDC, gave these awards in recognition of the Provost's numerous efforts, and that of his management, in the encouragement of intellectual development and growth in the college.

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Posted at December 1, 2022, 12:00 am


Officials from the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja, were in the College from 13th to 18th November, 2022 to conduct an accreditation exercise for twenty-four (24) NCE programmes. The team, which comprised three Directors and six officials from NCCE and twelve panelists, came from different institutions of higher learning across Nigeria, including universities, and converged at the college for the exercise.

During the opening ceremony, the team leader, Mrs. Olusola Bode Oke, appreciated the Provost, Prof. Faruk Rashid Haruna, for the reception accorded the Panelists and assured the Management that the team would do her best to discharge her duties as prescribed in the guidelines set by the commission. She noted that the exercise was not meant to witch-hunt any institution but rather to ensure that quality was maintained in all institutions of higher learning.

Earlier, in his welcome remarks, the Provost, Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, stated that Education without accreditation was like a house without a roof. He stated that an accreditation was meant to find out the strengths and weaknesses of an institution and to advise the institution on how to improve on such weaknesses. He added that the Management was doing her best in the area of infrastructural development and provision of facilities to improve on the standard of the College. He, however, lamented the depleted number of staff as a result of deaths and retirement without corresponding replacement and/or recruitment of new staff. He stated that the last time the College recruited staff was in 2015. He urged government to lift the band on employment to allow colleges employ new staff. He wished the Panelist a successful exercise.

In his address at the opening ceremony, the Director, Academic Programmes, Dr. Umar Adamu Kwami, stated that he was highly delighted to address the college management on the special occasion of the commencement of accreditation exercise of NCE Programmes in Federal College of Education, Kontagora.

He avered that the Accreditation of Teacher Education Programmes was a major mandate of the National Commission for Colleges Education (NCCE), in accordance with the act establishing it. In his words: "Central to this mandate is quality assurance and programme improvement. It is aimed at ensuring that Colleges of Education graduate quality teachers of basic education. For this purpose, adequate facilities must, therefore, be available in the institution in line with the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) Minimum standard. Stakeholders ought to know outrightly that accreditation by NCCE is for partnership and growth, not for witch hunting. It is aimed at building not at destroying the system. It is, therefore, a very strict, firm and fair process.

A team of experienced, skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals have been put together from the Commission and academia to carry out this exercise. I would like to assure you that meticulous work would be done to avail the Commission with the true picture of the situation in your College. At the end of the exercise, we shall reconvene to brief the Provost and his Management team on our observation. However, it is only the NCCE Management that can give the verdict of the visitation which will come later. The exercise is divided into two sections, namely, institutional and programme accreditation.

The institutional accreditation comprises two key areas of leadership, Management and organisation and students' support and progressions, while programmes accreditation comprises three compulsory key areas which are: curriculum, Organisation and implementation, infrastructure and learning, resources and assessment and evaluation. For an institution and its programmes to attain full accreditation, it must achieve at least a minimum standard of satisfactory overall in the key areas. For an institution and the programmes to earn Interim accreditation, it must achieve at least a minimum standard of unsatisfactory overall in the key areas. However, if an institution and its programmes earn denied accreditation, it means it attains failure in all the key areas.

Sequel to the above, full accreditation status allows the Institution to continue to run the programme(s) for the next five years. However, deficiencies highlighted in the report must be rectified. Course(s) that earned interim accreditation can continue to run but the deficiencies highlighted in the report must be addressed within nine(9) months, from the date of release of the result, after which the programme must be reaccredited at the expencies of the College. For course(s) that earned denied accreditation, the following measures will be taken immediately:

1) there will be no further admissions of students into the course(s) i.e the programmes will be phased out. 2) Students that have registered for such course(s) will be transfered to a nearby college of education where such programme(s) have full accreditation. 3) Failure to comply with 1 and 2 above, the commission will not endorse the certificate for such students on graduation. 4) For such course(s) to be reintroduced, the college must formally apply to the NCCE and bear the full cost of the resource inspection.

At this point, let me emphasise that any NCE awarding Institution running teacher education programmes that have not been accepted by NCCE, or continues with expired or failed accreditation status -- is operating illegally and in contravention of the act establishing it.

The Provost, Principal officers of the College, Deans, Chief lecturers, HODs, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to solicit your maximum cooperation to facilitate the execution of this exercise. Kindly provide any information required. I want to remind you that we are here to build the teacher education programmes together. Let me quickly appreciate the Provost and his Management team for the warm reception so far accorded us. We look forward to a successful exercise.

Once again, kindly accept the assurance of the highest regards of the executive secretary and members of NCCE. On this note, on behalf of the executive secretary, I wish to declare the accreditation exercise open".

After five days of intensive work, the Panelists once again converged at the Council Chamber for Exit Briefing. They were impressed with the facilities in the College and commended the Provost for the giant stride in the construction and renovation work going on in the College. Further more, the Panelists expressed satisfaction with the record keeping in the College as well as diligence to work by staff which was attested by students.

Although there were weakness observed by the Panelists which they called on the Management to rectify. In general the exercise was successful

Mr. Andrew Ibrahim Director, Information and Protocol 

Posted at November 19, 2022, 10:54 pm


It was an epoch making event as the Federal College of Education, Kontagora, matriculates newly admitted NCE 1 students for the 2021/2022 academic session.

The ceremony, which took place on 28th October, 2022 at the Col. Sani Bello Hall (Rtd), was attended by the members of the College Management, Heads of Departments, Directors of units, the Parents/Guardians of the matriculated students. Another notable august personality at the ceremony was the Director, Planning, Research and Statistics of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja, Mallam Garba .M. Koko, who represented the Executive Secretary of the commission, Prof. Paulinus Chijioke Okwele.

In his speech at the ceremony, the Provost, Prof. Faruk Rashid Haruna, who was represented by the Deputy Provost Dr. Said Yahaya Ubandoma, advised the students to face their studies seriously and shun all forms of anti-social behaviour such as cultism, examination malpractice, hooliganism, prostitution and insubordination to constituted authorities.

The Provost assured the students of the Management's commitment to ensuring that an environment conducive to learning was provided, to enable the students achieve their potentials. He wished the students successful stay in the College.

While delivering a goodwill message on behalf of the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Mallam Garba .M. Koko congratulated the students and assured them of the Commission's passion for teacher education in general and, in particular, commitment to support Colleges of Education to groom quality teachers. He charged the students to be law-abiding and focused in their studies.

High point of the ceremony was the oath administration to the newly admitted students by the Chief Magistrate of Kontagora Magistrate Court, Barrister Benjamin Zakari.

Five hundred and two(502) students were matriculated at the ceremony.

The Directorate of Information and Protocol wishes the new students success in their academic pursuits.

Mr. Andrew Ibrahim Director, Information and Protocol

Posted at November 5, 2022, 1:40 pm


In preparation for and desire to achieve a hitch-free Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) accreditation exercise scheduled to hold from 13th-18th November, 2022, the college management organised a Mock Accreditation exercise to ensure that the college achieve hundred percent (100%) success. The Mock accreditation took place from 24th - 28th October, 2022 in all the seven schools and twenty-nine departments of the college.

The Mock Accreditation was conducted by the Directorate of Quality Assurance and was overseen by the Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja, Mallam Garba .M. Koko, a member of the Federal College of Education Kontagora Governing Council representing the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

During the one week training, the facilitator guided staff on the basic instruments used by accreditation panelists. The Director also educated staff on the information and documents needed by the panelists for the assessment of a College of Education leadership and management.

At the exit briefing, the Director observed some lapses, which he drew the attention of the college management to and required that they should be ameliorated. However, he applauded the staff of the college for demonstrating strong commitment to the success of the accreditation.

Mr Andrew Ibrahim
Director, Information and Protocol, FCE, Kontagora

Posted at October 29, 2022, 4:18 pm


This is to inform the general public that the 2021/2022 Aacademic Session Admission process is still on for enrolment in to all NCE courses for this year's intake into our Full-Time NCE Programme.

Accordingly, intending students are required to complete and print the online application form by using the procedure below.

Download Online Application Guide

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This is to inform the general public that payment of Acceptance Fees of Five Thousand Naira (=N=5000.00) only payable by the newly admitted students for 2020/2021 Academic Session has began.

Signed: Management

Posted at June 23, 2021, 10:25 am


Provost, Prof. Faruk Haruna Rashid receiving Fame Leadership Award given to him by StandTall Africa Initiative on Saturday, 21st November, 2020 at the A-Class Park & Event, Maitama, Abuja, assisted by his wife and other Management Members.

Posted at November 26, 2020, 8:42 am

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